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Tasrif Abrar: A Promising Handsome Boy In Facebook Marketing

Tasrif Abrar (Gen Z) from Bangladesh is a young but extremely talented man. Tasrif Abrar overcame difficulties to realize his life's dream. With a passion for information technology since childhood, Tasrif Abrar has had a part of experience in the field of Marketing. Because he did not have money to pursue his passion, his beginning was really precarious, Tasrif Abrar's life was not rosy. 

He has been a technology enthusiast since childhood. Although the family had conditions, Tasrif Abrar right from his school days was passionate about researching and understanding the major social networking platforms at that time, Facebook, Youtube and Google.

He said: “I was fortunate to be born in the era of the Internet boom. Facebook is used more than the TV at home. Out of curiosity, I also go to the internet every day to "play Facebook". Once by chance, I read an article about marketing with social networks. Although that day the definition of Marketing in the mind of a teenager is very vague. However, one thing I am sure of is that the internet is a miracle tool to help me make money and help others make money. So, I tinkered, researched and read related documents for a deeper and broader understanding."

Tasrif Abrar researched and achieved a lot of success with Google, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok - a social networking platform that is "hot" in the youth community today.

With its persistent efforts, Tasrif Abrar that day has now become an expert in the field of Marketing. With a Facebook account of more than 10,00 followers, creating his own brand in the world combined with his prestigious, enthusiastic and responsible work at work, he is attracting a large amount of trust from people. client.

In the future, the young man plans to strongly develop the most convenient and safe Facebook user support tools to support users. Hopefully, Tasrif Abrar will always be successful in their work and future plans.

Van Hoa 247 wishes our handsome guy more and more success on the path he has chosen.

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